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Best Colon Cleanser Review

June 21st, 2010 Best Colon Cleanser Review For Advnaced Colon To acheive optimal health you have to make sure you keep the plumbing clean. This is why proper intestinal, bowel and colon operation go a long way toward determining how you feel. Can Power Colon Cleanse do the job of promoting a healthy toxin free intestinal tract? If you check out my video all your answers will be provided. So what exactly is Power Colon Cleanse anyway. Well this supplement contains unique dietary fiber, herbs, botanicals, digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria to properly clear the alimentary canal. One gelatin capsule holds 450mg of ingredients. What Power Colon Cleanse does is clear out the unwanted waste or toxin particles build up in the colon so it can function the way it was meant to. It clears the body of potentially life threatening toxins. Toxins can cause infections and other diseases even cancer or other life threatening disorders. Not only does Power Colon Cleanse ensure that your colon function properly, it also alleviates problems like bloating, indigestion, constipation and gas. As a result, it also makes your mid section look flatter and more toned. This supplement contains totally natural ingredients as well, and aside from providing alimentary canal maintenance, also reverses or completely eliminates some of the damage that has already affected your body. Some of the positive benefits of Power Colon Cleanse cleaner include providing useful bacteria to the


How Do I Clean My Colon-Best Colon Cleanser

June 15th, 2010

Colon cleaning has gained a lot of popularity because of its numerous health benefits. Health enthusiasts and even those who have tried colon cleansing swear by its effects: less bloated-ness, regular bowel movements, and an overall great feeling.

With this in consideration, it is not a surprise that a lot of colon cleaning products, clinics, and procedures have taken advantage of the momentum. Products have flooded the market, all claiming to be the best but surely, there’s a difference in each and every method.

The food you eat and the choices you make all affect your digestive system more than you realize. Oil, fat, chemicals, sugar, and even stress all factor in on the functionality of your digestive system. All these things can be considered toxins which clog your colon, creating a cesspool of disease and bacteria. Impacted feces reabsorb toxins in the body thereby allowing the harmful substances to circulate in your system.

This blockage also cause you to be bloated, gassy, nauseous, and is even a reason for your weight retention. All these things highlight the importance of a regular colon cleanse. Your body has a waste removal system but it doesn’t hurt to help it flush out toxins and other harmful substances every once in a while.

You want a colon cleansing, but how do you look for the best colon cleansing?

1. Colon cleansing pills-

These usually come in a “program” or colon cleaning package. Colon cleaning pills vary in ingredients, strength, and price. Colon cleaning pills are usually taken with other products and are incorporated in a comprehensive diet plan. Colon cleansing pills are the most popular colon cleanse products as they are the easiest and most convenient way of colon cleansing.

2. Cleansing teas-

Cleansing teas work as laxatives of sorts that are aimed to flush out toxins through bowel movement. These products can be taken alone or with a diet. Cleansing teas are not so popular since most of them have a bad or weird herbal taste.

3. Enemas-

Usually done by colon cleanse enthusiasts, enemas are the most invasive way of colon cleansing. A tube is inserted up one’s anus and a special kind of liquid is squirted in the rectum. This is aimed at removing feces and bacteria that are lodged along the rectum. Enemas are the most invasive colon cleansing procedures but this method is the only one where the patient can feel effects instantly.

4. Colon cleanse diets and fasts-

The second most popular colon cleaning method, diets and/or fasts are done by a lot of people since it costs less and it not as complicated. Diets and fasts require you to eat a certain kind of food and take specific kinds of drinks for a given number of days.

There are still a lot of colon cleaning methods but the ones listed are the most popular ones. While there can be no “best” colon cleaning method in the general sense, you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Whether by pills or diet, the most important thing is that you’re taking a step towards a much healthier lifestyle.

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