Can I Detoxify During Pregnancy?

September 27th, 2008

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Is It Safe To Detoxify / Cleanse During Pregnancy?

I personally do not advocate for a woman to detoxify her body while pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

Cleansing and pregnancy

Cleansing and pregnancy information.

The First Trimester (or beginning 3 months of pregnancy) is Nature’s way and prescribed time framework of detoxifying the female body in preparation of holding a fetus.

Numerous women mention this period as ‘morning sickness’ crisis which is actually a misnomer since during the 1st Trimester the nausea is not merely confined to only the morning time.

Actually it is whatever time throughout the full day: morning, afternoon, evening, and late night.

Nevertheless, it is more common for supposed ‘morning sickness’ to happen in the morning time since this is the time that the body discharges from all the detoxification that happens at night during sleep hours.

In general, the human body is naturally in detox mode from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

This is how come we may awaken with a great deal of mucus to be cleared out from the mouth, or have a nice, big bowel movement, or experience urine the coloration of yellow or light orange with an ammonia-like smell.

It’s really common to experience yellow-orange colored urine with a heavy smell and possibly bubbles (denoting acidity of the urine) first thing in the morning time.

This is in reality a beneficial sign! Now when the urine remains this way every single time you urinate and throughout the day, this isn’t an acceptable thing or positive sign. This signifies you’re acidic attributable an excessively acid-forming diet and lifestyle.

Based upon the preceding, pregnant women don’t need to detox or do a detox regimen or program (i.e. Full Body Detox). Nonetheless, they may simply drink in herb tea that helps gentle cleansing of the body.

Pregnant women ought as an alternative center on building up a strong uterus and cervix and supplying the body and the developing baby nourishment during the First Trimester and this may be done with the consumption of herbs (i.e. Pre-Natal Formula, Electric Greens Cell Food, Iodine Phosphate, and Vitamin C) and ingesting plenty of fruits and vegetables (including fruit and vegetable juice).

And so during the first three months (and in reality, all 9 months) of pregnancy do not focus on detoxing; focus on nutrition (minerals, trace elements, vitamins, B-vitamins, amino acids, etc.).

An exception to the rule above is that pregnant woman might decide to do the liquid version of the entire Body Detox attributable its gentle but effective cleansing effect as liquids are not nearly as strong or powerful as capsules, in spite of getting into into the bloodstream faster than capsules.

And so if a pregnant woman would like to perform the liquid version of the Full Body Detox or even the Children’s Detox, she could do so; but the regular capsule variation of the Full body Detox or any other cleanse (i.e. Total Woman Cleanse, Anti-Viral Cleanse, etc.), I don’t advocate this as this version of the Full Body Detox (capsules) is too strong.

You see, the uterus is a female’s sixth eliminative channel and certain detoxing herbs could stimulate the uterus to expel toxins while the fetus is developing; this could cause the uterus to expel and the result could be spontaneous abortion.

The same thing could also happen if a pregnant woman were to ingest herbs with an oxytocic or parturient (uterine-contracting) effect. These herbs would cause uterine contractions that could also induce spontaneous abortion.

Only the true wise woman (witch, sage) knows how to use any herb to her advantage and benefit and without doing any harm to the fruit of her womb. This is not true for the average and common laywoman who has no in depth knowledge about herbs.

I must also state that if a woman is prone to miscarriages, then there are certain herbs outside of nutritional herbs that can and should be taken. Please read our “Miscarriage” article for a complete listing of these herbs.

So just eat plenty of organic raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts and drink plenty of good fruit and vegetable juice and water while pregnant (all 9 months) and you will be providing your body with cleansing material as well as nourishment.

Do not worry about or focus on detoxing while pregnant, but instead, only focus on nutrition. This is best while pregnant.

Breastfeeding and Detoxing:

Many women also inquire with us about detoxing while breastfeeding their baby and our answer is the same as the above. While breastfeeding, do not concentrate on detoxifying the body. Still focus on nutrition because that’s what the growing baby needs.

You see, the woman may be thinking about detoxing (because of some apparent disease, i.e. genital herpes, HPV, etc.) but the body is only concerned with nourishing the baby and the mother first and foremost.

And again, many foods (including herbs) have a cleansing effect, mainly due to their alkaline nature or makeup. So if a breastfeeding woman eats right (raw foods) while breastfeeding, she and the baby will receive healing, cleansing, and nourishment simultaneously.

Some women are so cautious of taking herbs that while breastfeeding they ask me will the herbs have a detoxifying effect on their body and cause the breasts to eliminate toxins.

The breasts are not eliminative channels so the Body Intelligence would never allow the source for baby food to become a cleansing channel, especially if a baby was nurturing on the breasts.

Even if a woman did consume detoxifying herbs (i.e. herbal bitters) she would not expel toxins via her breasts because the Body Intelligence would block such activity for the breastfeeding baby’s sake and send the toxins to one of the six eliminative channels in a woman’s body, i.e. liver, colon, lungs, kidneys, skin, and uterus.

The Body Intelligence will not use the breast to purposely throw off toxins but if a woman does consume crap (junk food), the crap residues will break down and find themselves in the blood stream and thus in the woman’s breasts whereby a suckling baby would receive the toxins.

Remember, breast milk is totally dependent upon what you eat and are made up of as a woman. If you drink beer, it will find its way to the breasts. The body is not detoxing at all here. It is merely sending to the breasts what’s in the bloodstream.

I’ll never forget the time when my ex-wife took a lot of alfalfa one day during her nursing days of my first child and daughter, Layla, and expelled milk into her breast pump cup.

The breast milk was a pretty green color. It was amazing! The alfalfa had totally impacted her milk supply and so much so that her breast milk (normally an off white color) turned green, the same exact color as the alfalfa she took a lot of that particular day.

Now this was a very good thing because of what alfalfa contains nutrition-wise, but the point I’m making here is, what you consume affects your milk. It has nothing to do with detoxing, but everything to do with what’s in the bloodstream predicated upon what’s consumed via the mouth.

So a pregnant woman can most definitely take herbs while breastfeeding, but they should be the right kinds of herbs, i.e. mild/gentle cleansing herbs, i.e. Dherbs.Com Detox Tea, Chickweed, Sarsaparilla, etc.; and galactagogue herbs (herbs that increase and enhance the flow of breast milk), i.e. Galactagogue Formula and Iodine Phosphate Formula, Red Raspberry Leaf, Saw Palmetto Berries, Basil, Caraway Seed, Cardamom, Anise, etc.

So in closing, women, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not contemplate cleansing or detoxifying your body.

Wait until the baby no longer feeds on the breasts and then begin your cleansing.

A woman really doesn’t get her body back until a baby stops breastfeeding anyway, however, breastfeeding helps the body to get back in shape after pregnancy.

And if you as a woman really feel the need deep down inside of yourself to perform a cleanse while pregnant or during breastfeeding months, make sure the cleanse or detox program is in LIQUID form, i.e. tea, tincture/extract.

NOTE: oxytocic (uterine-contracting) herbs include:

Beth or Birth Root

Black Cohosh

Black Haw

Blue Cohosh

Canada Snakeroot





The above oxytocic and parturient herbs can be taken during the last month (and especially the last week) of pregnancy for pregnancy facilitation purposes.

Good compounds/formulas to take during pregnancy include:

First Trimester:

Healthy Pregnancy (formerly Miscarriage Prevention)

Pre-Natal Formula (and Pre-Natal Tea)

Headache and Pain (Bio-Salicin)

Electric Greens Cell Food

B-Vitamin Complex

Vitamin C Iodine Phosphate

Iron Phosphate

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Kemetian Gold


Moringa Seed (extract)

MSM Sulfur

Hemorrhoid Buster

Second Trimester

Pre-Natal Formula (and Pre-Natal Tea)

Folic Acid Formula

Vitamin K Formula

Electric Greens Cell Food

B-Vitamin Complex

Vitamin C

Iron Phosphate

Iodine Phosphate

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Kemetian Gold


Moringa Seed (extract)

MSM Sulfur

Hemorrhoid Buster

Third Trimester

Pre-Natal Formula (and Pre-Natal Tea)

Kacip Fatimah (Extract)

Folic Acid Formula

Vitamin K Formula

Electric Greens Cell Food

B-Vitamin Complex

Vitamin C

Iodine Phosphate

Iron Phosphate

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Kemetian Gold


Moringa Seed (extract)

MSM Sulfur

Hemorrhoid Buster

Gemstone and crystal elixirs are 100% safe to take while pregnant and/or breastfeeding!

Inspirants are also safe to use while pregnant and/or breastfeeding (as long as they do not contain essential oils of Rue and/or Pennyroyal).

Abstain from the following major cleanses while pregnant:

Full Body Detox (unless liquid version)

Anti-Viral Cleanse

Weight Release Cleanse

Pancreas Cleanse

Supreme Colon Cleanse

Supreme Candida Cleanse

Parasite and Worm Cleanse

Total Woman Cleanse

Thank you for reading my Body Cleanse Site, check back for more helpful cleansing posts.

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  1. investinternals Says:

    This is a very good article. But I saw a problem that is, it is two long. cutting the same to pieces will do better. Nice work and appreciated.


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    so i im geussing kinoki foot pads are out of question from someone 8-12 wks pregnant t/f . Second what are some important things to do if find out your pregnant unplanned and at the time the mothers been drinking heavely and using meth and/or cocain. plus has miscarried before . all alcohol and drug use has stopped as soon as pregnancy was relized what can she be doing be sides prenatal vitamins to prevent misscarriage ? please let me know soon thanks so much if you can . jeremy

  3. Detoxing During Pregnancy Says:

    I had no idea that a detox during your pregnancy or detoxing while breastfeeding was so complicated, thanks for the information.

  4. Cassie Leonhardt Says:

    I am interested in cleansing my body of excess yeast or candida. I had a positive yeast culture on my last pap and I’m wondering why I didnt experience a typical yeast infection. It was 3 wks later that I had to treat with Monistat 7 and I spotted blood for a couple days (having a sensitive and inflammed cervic). What are good options for the candida while pregnant? Thanks for the detailed info on detoxing while pregnant. I appreciated it all!

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    I am pleased to see you listed natural herbs for a safe detoxification during pregnancy. The body will cleanse itself but in a few circumstances, a good natural cleanse is good while pregnunt.

  6. S. Hines Says:

    Cassie, there is a series of books called, “The Bible Cure for …” – there is one for yeast & candida. They are very small, pocket-size books, run about $6.50 – they tell you how to rid your body of certain ailments naturally, with herbs, supplements, & diet. The series is by an MD that went to my alma mater – you should check it out! I am thankful I found the above info, I have another book about detox from the same author I mentioned previously, it’s a juice detox – it worked wonders for me after my son was born – think I’ll try it again this time while I’m preggo! Does anyone know anything about Passion Flower during pregnancy??? Everything I’ve read contradicts the other so I’m up in the air about whether or not I can continue to use it as a sleep aid?!?! Any thoughts??? Thanks again for the great info! ~S~

  7. Bonnie Says:

    My newborn had a yeast diaper infection and thrush. I started feeling pain in my breasts meaning that he passing it to me during breastfeeding. I tried wiping my nipples with diluted vinegar, which worked but started drying up my milk supply. My herbalist told me to try drinking Pau D’Arco tea. It is made from South American trees. I drank 2 cups the first night. The next morning all of the white spots in my son’s mouth were gone. His diaper rash had cleared up too. I have been drinking it for a few days now and all of our candida symptoms are gone. My herbalist told me that it is completely safe while breast feeding, but I don’t know about pregnancy.

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    Is a 1 or 2 day water fast done during cleansing (using Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse) beneficial or harmful?

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    Hi really enjoyed reading your article and was wondering Is a 1 or 2 day water fast done during cleansing (using Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse) beneficial or harmful?

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    Did a Reiki healing course? How would you describe yourself before, during and after the cleansing period.?

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    Is a 1 or 2 day water fast done during cleansing (using Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse) beneficial or harmful?

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    Hi I have a quick question. Is a 1 or 2 day water fast done during cleansing (using Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse) beneficial or harmful?

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