Parasite Cleanse Side Effects Questions and Answers

August 18th, 2011

Michael asks…

Question about parasite cleanse side effects?

I have been taking para cleanse and was wondering if a horrible headache was a side effect from the herbs or something else. I stopped taking it for a couple of days and my headaches stopped. But when I took it, I had HORRIBLE headaches all day that radiated down into my jaw and my neck.

admin answers:

Yes. Doing a cleansing regimen can cause one to have horrible headaches. This is usually a sign of a really good liver/gall bladder discharge going on. I suspect this is because there is a lot of dandelion, burdock, red root, yellow dock, bentonite (French clay), milk thistle in the products you’re using.

You can expect these results if you do a lot of alcohol, drugs, sugar, caffeine or eat a diet high in fat. The only way out is through the process, so from my perspective, you really did get exactly what you needed, it just didn’t feel good. Nobody ever said it would. For many, many people, cleansing is a form of making themselves sick. It’s creating a healing crisis so that you can come out on the other side, having dumped the sh*t within (quite literally), and come out with renewed health and vigor.

To expect to cleanse your body without going through any hassle or pain is basically a ridiculous expectation, so don’t expect that. Many people get diarrhea, cramping, excessive urination, fevers, rashes, weird emotional symptoms, discharges, crying fits, anger attacks, hysterical fits. It’s all grist for the mill. Better out than in, I say. But definitely block out some down time if you’re going to do fasting, juicing and cleansing. Don’t think “Over the weekend and then back to my regular work week!” is going to do it fer ya. You’d then be kidding yourself.

A good idea is to change your diet, eat LOTS more veggies, greens and salads (2x/day), and try juicing or juice fasting. This will cause you to discharge, but discharge at a much slower, more manageable rate (*Usually. As with all things on these boards, I guarantee you nothing, not knowing who you are, what condition you’re in or how you live your life.)

Robert asks…

Getting rid of parasite?

I was thinking of doing a cleanse, taking a suppliment, has anyone taken a suppliment to get rid of parasites for kids? any parasite cleanse side effects?
Thank you to you all, your all excellent answers!!

admin answers:

You or your kids need to see a doctor!. Parasites can get dangerous very, very quickly. However there are some natural treatments for certain types of less dangerous parasites such as intestinal parasites. Some natural herbs that create a hostile environment for intestinal parasites are Savory, and Pumpkin seeds.

Savory can be made into a tea or an essential oil and works together well with Pumpkin seed oily extract. Pumpkin seed oil can be used to get rid of intestinal parasites without any side effects at all; there is no restriction of administration for children or women. Though it should be taken for at least a fortnight, results are almost immediate.

One or two hours after taking the pumpkin seed oil, take some castor oil or a laxative to increase bowel movement and start eliminating the parasites. The active substances have a paralyzing effect on the worms, they are not actually killed; therefore, it is good to follow the pumpkin seed oil with some powerful laxatives. You can mash 400 grams of pumpkin seeds and mix them with milk and honey until the composition reaches a puree consistency. Have it on empty stomach in the morning and follow it with castor oil a couple of hours later.

Or pick up a bottle of natural cayenne at your supercenter, (about $4.00 a bottle) I take 3 capsules 3 times a day, it does much more than rid you of parasites. Check out the other things cayenne does for you from my alternative medicines website:

Thomas asks…

is it really dangerous to take medicine not studied by the FDA?

i bought a product from humaworm… its a parasite cleanse actually… below is something written like this: “2007 Humaworm, Inc. DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ” so,,, do you think it is dangerous to take the medicine? my mom is making such a big deal out of it…she’s so worried it might be harmful. how rational is she about it? btw,, many people are recommending it online…they said it is successful though there are some side effects like headache…what do you think?

admin answers:

Its likely just as dangerous as taking a medication that is FDA approved. Every medication you take has risks and benefits – you need to be sure that the benefits from the medications outweigh the risks.

For example, medications used in chemotherapy are very toxic and dangerous – however, they kill the cancer cells as well, and thus the side effects of hair loss, energy loss, anemia and low white blood cell counts are tolerated for that end.

A medication used in stroke patients, tPA, which is the “clot busting” medication has the risk of causing bleeding in the brain which would likely cause death. Is this safer than some herbal medication you get at GNC – obviously not – but the potential benefit of the medication is restoring movement after being paralyzed by a stroke may outweigh the risks in the right patient.

The problem with medications not approved by the FDA, such as herbal supplements and nutritional supplements, is that they are not required to be regulated by the FDA. Consequently there is not as stringent a quality control as medications regulated by the FDA. There may be other impurities or fillers that have other unwanted side effects than the medication intended. Additionally, the amounts of the active ingredient may not be standardized – thus one dose may be more potent than another dose.

Also realize that just because a medication is approved by the FDA, don’t think that it necessarily will remain that way and be safe. For example, take a look at Vioxx from the drug company Merck. It was safe enough to be approved by the FDA. However, once people in the general population took it for a longer period of time than in the test groups in the studies, it showed that there was a potential increased risk of heart attacks (whether this is the most conclusive study, I’m still not sure). Now Vioxx has been taken off the market.

So weigh the risks and benefits yourself as an educated consumer – are the potential side effects work the risk for the intended effect of the medication? And why are you taking a parasite cleanser anyway? Do you even know you have parasites? And if you do, you need to see a physician to get the proper testing and the proper prescription medication to take care of the parasite. Why would you listen to people who are not professionals recommending it?

John asks…

How much weight will I lose in a week if I do this?

I read that if you put cinnamon in boiled water and let sit for 30 min. then put honey in it then drink half of it before bed, put in the refrigerator and drink the rest in the morning, these things will happen:
1. Inches will be lost before you will notice the scale creeping downward.
2. The cinnamon and honey cleanses parasites, fungus and bacteria out of the digestive tract.
3. You may experience side effects due to the release of toxicity.
4. You may experience increased energy, and a better mood.
5. The formula will block your body from gaining fat.
Are these things true, Has any one of you tried this? Or is it all a lie? How much estimated weight do you think I will lose in a week if I do this everyday..? I also exercise daily. I use a machine, and I jog and dance.

Your answers are of much gratitude, Thank youu <33

admin answers:

1000 pounds

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